Are you ready to explore MedicaMind?

Image Description Connect to Specialists

Consult with radiologists from around the world. Why should you be limited by your geography? With MedicaMind, you’re not. Connect to experts around the world to attain the optimal outcome and peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands!

Image Description Teleconsultation

Time for your check-up? Don’t want to leave your house? No problem! Schedule your appointment on MedicaMind with an available doctor and simply call them with our video-calling tool.

Image Description Share Your Images

If you’re unhappy with your current doctor or need the advice of a panel or sub-specialist, you can connect with them via MedicaMind and send them your scans. This will prevent redundant scans and save you money.

Image Description Manage Your Medical Records

Import your medical documents into MedicaMind so that you have easy access to them. You can print, send, and edit these documents at your convenience, as well as export your files to CCR/CCD, and PDF.

Image Description Medical Social Media

Connecting to doctors is easy with MedicaMind. Just find one you like and add them in the same way you’d add a friend on Facebook. You can conveniently chat with anyone you have added on MedicaMind.

Image Description Multi-Device, Multi-Browser

We want everyone to have access to our service. You can use our service on a variety of devices and browsers. You can even access MedicaMind on your phone!